Speaking at a prayer breakfast recently, Transport Minister Audley Shaw is endorsing road safety for all road users. He says while the government creates legislation for public road safety, the responsibility to save lives falls on all road users. Minister Shaw is warning all road users to be careful when traveling on the road.

This as the transport operators development sustainable services, initiated the road safety awareness week on Saturday. Minister Shaw asserts that it is the responsibility of every road user to sustain lives. He says the primary cause of road fatalities remain the same, speeding and human error.

The Transport Minister says the responsibility to keep citizens safe, is not solely the duty of the government. Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips, says what is happening on the roads are unsustainable,

Therefore greater care is in dire need. As of May 17, 172 persons have been killed in 151 fatal crashes, since the start of the year.

Reporter: Justin Graham