Transport Minister Drives Home Need for Partnership

Transport Minister Robert Montague Wednesday, July 21, met with stakeholders and public transport operators in St. Ann to discuss fares, public parking, among other things.

Fare increase for operators in the public transport sector has been a constant topic of discussion since the last fare increase eight (8) years ago for taxi drivers.

The Transport Minister sought to allay fears that operators’ cries are not being heard amid the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Minister Montaque says a fare adjustment is underway, but some drivers are in transgression of the law.

Additionally, he says public transport operators need to learn to work together and pool resources to alleviate the burdens of each other, while he continues to work towards the law regarding the seizure of vehicles.

Public parking space has been a constant problem for drivers who say they have nowhere to park and conduct their operations.

However, the Minister says acquiring space is not the problem but says drivers are not using the designed parking spaces.

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