In a collaborative effort to streamline and regulate wrecking service operations across the island, the Transport Authority, in conjunction with the police and wrecker operators, has introduced a comprehensive agreement effective January 2, 2024. The initiative aims to bring order to the industry by setting standards for conduct and fees charged for services rendered.

Mr. Ralston Smith, Managing Director of the Transport Authority, unveiled the groundbreaking agreement, emphasizing its purpose to govern the behavior and conduct of wrecker operators while implementing a structured framework for service charges. This strategic move seeks to ensure transparency, fairness, and consistency in the delivery of wrecking services. One of the key highlights of the agreement is the establishment of approved wrecker fee rates that all operators must adhere to. These rates have been carefully determined to reflect the costs associated with different categories of vehicles and distances. The newly approved wrecking fees, effective January 2, 2024, are outlined below:


Motor Car:

– Within 5km Radius of Pound: $12,000.00

– Per Kilometer beyond 5km radius: $600.00

– No Key Charge: $4,500.00

Motor Truck (Hiace & Coaster, etc.):

– Within 5km Radius of Pound: $22,500.00

– Per Kilometer beyond 5km radius: $800.00

– No Key Charge: $6,000.00

The introduction of these approved rates signifies a commitment to standardizing the wrecking service industry, providing clarity to both operators and the public. Mr. Smith highlighted that adherence to these rates is mandatory for all wrecker operators, promoting a fair and regulated environment.

The approved wrecking fees officially came into effect on January 2, 2024. This implementation marks a significant step towards achieving a more organized and accountable wrecking service sector, benefitting both vehicle owners and operators. As the new fee structure takes root, the Transport Authority anticipates increased transparency in the industry and hopes that the established guidelines will serve as a benchmark for future improvements. The CVM TV News will continue to monitor developments related to this initiative and its impact on the island’s wrecking service operations.


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