Transforming The Kingston Waterfront

Mayor of Kingston and St Andrew Delroy Williams says plans are underway to further transform the space at the Kingston Waterfront in Downtown Kingston.

According to him, there is a need to redevelop the area as more businesses are along the area catering to both locals and tourists.

“We have been doing some renovation works to the pedestrian walkway so that our residents who come here can find it more enjoyable and easier to move around the waterfront,” he pointed out.


While not wanting to disclose the details, Williams goes further to note that plans are underway for another major project.

“We started two months ago but when we encountered the issue along the sea wall we paused to consult with the National Works Agency and other agencies,” he explained.

He, however, explains that the present work is being facilitated by Engineers from the KSAMC and National Works Agency.

“Persons are quite hopeful and beginning to believe in the direction the KSAMC is taking it. Alot more will happen as we go along because more and more persons are believing. Part our job is to inspire confidence.”