A devastating collision along the Petersfield main road has resulted in the deaths of two teens. The males were identified as 16-year-old Ajani Robinson and 14-year-old Zackeal McIntire, both from the Pinnock Charfton community, in Darliston, Westmoreland.

According to reports from the Whithorn Police, the fatal incident occurred at approximately 6:50 a.m. on Tuesday when Robinson and McIntire were riding a motorcycle in a northerly direction along the roadway. Tragically, while navigating a corner, they lost control of the vehicle and collided with a motorcar, igniting a fire upon impact. Authorities were promptly alerted, rushing to the scene and swiftly transporting the boys to the hospital. Despite immediate medical attention, both succumbed to their injuries during treatment.

Authorities continue their investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic collision. Watch the report: