Grief at the Clan Carthy Primary School, after seven year-old Benjamin Blair lost his life tragically on Monday. 

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is among the public figures who visited earlier on Tuesday (October 29) to pay his respects.

The devotional tribute was attended by Minister With Responsibility on Education, State Minister Alando Terrelonge, Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips, Member of Parliament Julian Robinson among others who tried to console the school family.

Students and the Academic Staff, are now mourning the loss of a promising student.

Benjamin’s Teacher, Mrs. Forest Spence describes him as a quiet yet jovial student who gets his work done.

Following the horrific incident, 3 of Benjamin’s Aunts had to be taken to the hospital after collapsing. 

Several officials visited Benjamin Blair’s home.

The woman who was in the taxi at the time of the incident has now been released from hospital after receiving multiple wounds. She told CVM LIVE that she is unable to walk at this time, as a result of injuries to her legs.

The driver of the private contracted garbage truck who reportedly fled the scene is now being sought for questioning.

His identity is not yet known, however a driver’s licenses was found on the scene.