Tragedy At Vernamfield, Clarendon Sunday

Several spectators were injured after a race car spun off course and slammed into the crowd at the Vernamfield Aerodrome in Clarendon on Sunday afternoon. 

Preliminary reports are that at least one person has succumbed to injuries. What promised to offer a grand show of speed and skill on the track in Vernamfield turned into a nightmare for spectators after a sports car veered from the intended stretch, engines revving, and slammed into several spectators on the sidelines.

From viral videos well into the afternoon, the crowd could be heard alleging one woman was pinned under the damaged car. She has seen motionless and bloodied on her back before being rushed to the hospital. The crowd had little hopes for her, as many speculated she may not survive the hit.

Critics soon filled social media bashing the event’s promoters who it is alleged persisted to host the race show despite being greeted by heavily oiled tracks in the morning. Sources say it’s become a normal occurrence for promoters to suffer this blow to their planned race events and this accident could perhaps be the final blow for events there. 

One man was seen with his leg bloodied and frantic scenes followed as news of the injured spread to the masses.

Another video showed what appeared to be men using another matter to dry the grease or limit its effects. Many suspect the vehicle spun off course due to the grease, but the facts are unclear at this time. 

Efforts to confirm the details of the accident and the state of the injured up to news time Sunday proved futile. Watch the report:

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