Traffic Congestion in Linstead Caused by Defiant Taxi/bus Operators

Ongoing traffic congestion in Linstead, St Catherine is being attributed to the refusal to use the park by taxi and bus operators. The manager of the transport centre is now urging the drivers to comply or risk being given tickets by the police or having their vehicles towed.

It is a nuisance to other drivers but a daily practice by some taxi and bus operators who have resorted to using gas stations and supermarkets for parking purposes while they wait for passengers blatantly refusing to use the park. The practice, however, has resulted in disorder in the town and the taxi and bus operators also risk frequent run-ins with the police.

The matter has been brought to the attention of the manager of the Linstead transport centre.

“The fact that sixty percent of the operators were coming into the park, the other forty percent were on the streets. Those on the streets would earn far more than those who conform to the rules and regulations,” said Henry Marshall, Manager of the Linstead Transport Centre.

He is urging them to comply with the rules and the road traffic act as meetings have been held with the transport authority and the police to enforce the law and create order.