Trade Unionist Debunks Assertions of Lone Protesting Firefighter 

Trade Unionist Helene Davis Whyte, says while she agrees there are myriad of issues faced by public sector bodies, some of the claims made by the suspended firefighter are the subject of meetings that are currently being addressed.

Whyte says she believes the serviceman is expecting an instant change and this is not possible. ‘Issues in the public sector are not unique to the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB),’ General Secretary of the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers (JALGO), Helene Davis Whyte said. However, with respect to firefighters when questioned about how these inefficiencies are being addressed Davis White says the JFB  has bi-monthly meetings with the union, highlighting issues they face.

Whyte also debunked SGT Bennett’s assertion that firefighters work twenty-four hours.  The suspended firefighter who staged a lone protest last year did the same on Tuesday atop the Transport Center in Halfway Tree, St Andrew highlighting what he believes are major issues in the JFB.

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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