Tourist Injured, Locals Dead in Hanover Collision

Two people are dead and a foreign national injured following a fatal collision in Hanover early Saturday morning.  The crash occurred in the vicinity of the Round Hill hotel. The tourist allegedly veered onto the path of the motorcycle that was transporting the victims, sending them to their death.

The crash occurred at around 4:15 am when a Florida woman, drove her Honda civic motorcar into the path of a black cobra motorcycle while en route to Montego Bay, St James. The motorcycle was transporting 31-year-old Winston Holness and 26-year-old pillion Sashay Grant. 

Grant and Holness were reportedly thrown into nearby bushes following the collision. The Rose Heights St James residents suffered fatal injuries and were later pronounced dead at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Mangled metal, a wig, police, and parlor personnel were all spotted at the scene on the cold, wet morning. Meantime, the foreigner who suffered multiple lacerations has been receiving treatment at hospital. Her condition up to news time remains unclear.

Some onlookers speculate that the wet road could be the reason for the tragedy. A reminder to motorists and road users to travel safely on the nation’s roads.