Tourism Private Sector Vaccine Initiative for USD $9

The Ministry of Tourism through the Private Sector Vaccine Initiative, (PSVI) held this vaccine drive in Negril on Thursday, September 2, which offered workers in the tourism sector were treated to short lines and quicker service to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and it only cost 9 US dollars.

Through the Private Sector Vaccine Initiative, the tourism sector has collaborated with select hotels in Negril to facilitate a vaccination drive unlike any other. Participants in this vaccination drive only have to pay 9 US dollars to have the vaccine administered. Depending on the exchange rate, which is just over one thousand Jamaican dollars. Negril hotelier Richard Wallace, noted that the process is done on an appointment only basis and is conducted by private doctors and nurses.

The drive, which started Thursday, September 2, will continue in the coming weeks with all three brands being available only to the tourism workers who register. Activity in the sector has slowed due to the pandemic. Having tourism workers being vaccinated is one step toward the return to normality. Those attending the vaccination drive didn’t mind the price tag, they want to do what they believe is right.

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