Tourism Players  Laud The COVID-19 Resilient Corridor

Influential players in the Tourism Industry are lauding the COVID-19 resilient corridor for what they call its effectiveness in helping to contain the spread of the virus. 

They say the protocols created due to the virus, have been fully adhered to. With that, they say as a result, there has been no known transmission of the virus among visitors and workers within the three resilient corridors.

Chairman of the Montego Bay Chapter of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), Robin Russell believes the Tourism Sector can be safe and productive if workers and visitors continue to adhere to the protocols. 

Proudly adding to that, is Executive Director of Chukka Caribbean Adventures, Marc Melville.

” We’ve been trained, certified and retrained and it’s kind of like our mantra. And if you don’t protect yourself and the guest, we don’t have a business. That’s why you’re not finding a spread between guests- if there are guests with COVID and team members,” Melville says.

Currently, tourists are allowed to leave their hotels to visit approved attractions,  located within the resilient corridor, while using transportation certified/approved by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB)

Marc Melville believes the resilient corridor should be extended and the COVID-19 restrictions, relaxed even further.  

CVM LIVE‘s Aladden Love brings this story: