Tourism Fears Intensify Amid Murders in Negril

Fears have intensified as murders in Negril threaten to take a toll on Tourism. However, before that happens, the Negril Chamber of Commerce is hoping the security forces will come up with new strategies to arrest the crime monster. Just over a week ago, the President of the Negril Chamber of Commerce bemoaned the level of crime in the resort town and suggested heightened police presence as part of the remedy.

But a week later, on the night of March 23, a double murder rocked Negril. A pregnant woman and a bike taxi operator transporting her were shot dead along Nompriel Road. Richard Wallace says the business community was hoping the crime situation would improve, but it seems to be getting worse. 

The prominent hotelier says although tourism entities aren’t being targeted, peace is necessary for all businesses to thrive. He notes that the Negril Chamber of Commerce can only do so much in helping to cripple crime in the town.