TODSS & One Voice Split Over Protest Action

The newly imposed Road Traffic Act has ripped through the public transportation sector, with various groups conflicted on the best way to take action against several of the changes. While members of the One Voice Group have begun taking strike action, Transport Operator Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) leaders are calling for patience and unity

The group pulled their services Monday and plans to continue the same for at least three days.

Communications Director of the One Voice Transportation Group Oscar Finnikin says he has advised a peaceful protest, though he is concerned they will still be crucified for striking. Finnikin restates the government’s plans to revise a section of the act relating to child seat restraint, He notes the operators are left at the mercy of the court and the discretion of the police, which is not enough. 

A disagreeing transport operators’ development sustainable services President Egeton Newman is opting for a more civil approach. As he urges operators to seek the court’s guidance, he says he is not against strike action, and if necessary, he is prepared to do so. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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