Toddler Killed During Domestic Dispute

A two-year-old boy was on Sunday fatally shot and a man was taken into custody by police in Trelawny following the tragedy. Reports are that the murder occurred during a dispute between the child’s stepfather and another relative that rapidly escalated.

A suspect is in custody, a mother hospitalized, and a family torn possibly beyond repair following the killing of two-year-old Adrian Campbell. Adrian is no doubt excited for his upcoming third birthday on March 26, and will never know the joys of growing into adulthood.

Sadly, his life came to a sudden end with the piercing of a bullet through his side as he sat as a passenger in his stepfather’s car. His stepfather was allegedly engaged in a dispute with the suspect, a cousin who left the verbal battle and returned with a gun. 

The incident unfolded in Mack’s Hill, Clark’s Town, Trelawny on Sunday at around 7:50 pm. The bullet was reportedly intended for the adult but instead wounded the child. The child was taken to the Falmouth Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  His mother has been hospitalized following the horrifying news. Bishop Collins says the incident was most unfortunate.