Senator Dr. Sapphire Longmore Advocates for Destigmatizing Mental Illness and Urges Local Intervention

In response to recent incidents, Mental Health Advocate and Senator Dr. Sapphire Longmore is emphasizing the importance of destigmatizing mental illness and implementing local interventions to prevent further tragedies. Despite Jamaica’s relatively low suicide rate globally, recent data from the Jamaica Constabulary Force reveals an increase in suicide cases. Dr. Longmore, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the University Hospital, suggests robust community-based interventions as a solution. Statistics highlight the vulnerability of men and young adults, while psychologists Dr. Wendel Able and Dr. Longmore caution that under-reporting may skew suicide rates. They stress the need to address local mental health issues, challenging associated stigmas. A survivor, referred to as Marcia, shares her journey towards recovery, underscoring the difficulty of overcoming mental health challenges. Despite survivors’ apprehensions, Senator Longmore encourages reaching out for support. 

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