Many Jamaicans are mourning the tragic loss of three people who died Friday evening during a motor vehicle collision. The tragedy unfolded on the north coast highway in trelawny, claiming a local social media influencer and a promising entertainer along with another motorist. The accident site’s notorious for crashes and was where Jamaica lost a popular Jamaican footballer, Stephen ‘Shorty’ Malcolm in 2001.

Crowd gathered at a crash site in Spring Hill, Trelawny where three people lost their lives. Dead are 25-year-old Kemar Smith of Hyde, Clarks Town, in the parish, 21-year-old Lexian Williams of chalky hill, St. Ann and 31-year-old Chris Codner, of exchange, also of St. Ann. Smith was the driver of the mark x in which Williams was the passenger, and Codner was the driver of the Toyota Voxy. 

Five other persons- a passenger of the Toyota mark x and the other four passengers of the Toyota Voxy—were admitted to hospital for treatment. Social media has since exploded with tributes for Williams who was a popular YouTuber and Tik Tok sensation. Tributes have also been pouring in for Codner who CVM Live understands was a promising entertainer. The accident has also infuriated many social media users who lament reckless driving must stop. Inspector Haughton is appealing to motorists to be guided by the rules and regulations of the road in order to save lives.