Three Of Five Responsible For Teen Beating Remains in Hiding

Three of five women responsible for teen beating remains in hiding – thousands of Jamaicans continue to demand justice for  Kaylan Dowdie, the teen who was attacked at a party by a group of women, the police say three women are still wanted in relation to the incident – the women are  Shameka Mcleod, Kimone, and Yolande.

However, one woman, who says she is being wrongly linked to the incident after having her picture circulated on social media, is speaking out. Ann Marie Mullings’s picture has been circulating on social media as one of the women wanted for the vicious attack. Waving her police report receipt….the woman says she was not involved in the incident as she went to a police station and was cleared by the police.

Superintendent Fletcher confirms that Mullings is not wanted by the police in relation to the attack. The women are accused of beating and stabbing the teenage girl and a twenty-nine-year-old woman. The 29-year-old was treated and released. 

Meanwhile, the mother of the seventeen-year-old says the teen is still in an unstable condition more than a week after she was attacked.