Three Men Detained from DRMA Breaches at Sea

Marine police arrested and charged three men in St Catherine for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) on Easter Monday. The men who were caught fishing were not licensed, fishermen. 

The police say while there’s been an overall satisfactory level of compliance, they have had to warn and detain more persons during the second lockdown than the first. 

Fishing without a license during a national lockdown was the bait that caught the attention of the Marine Police, on Easter Monday.

Three men, separate locations at sea. At least one sought mercy. Acting operations officer for the Marine Division, Inspector Derron White sought to explain the fate of those in breach.

A further scan of the seas and shorelines saw the police warning and scolding people bent on flouting the stay-at-home orders. Some children ran, but adults appeared more defiant.

Overall, though the police say they’ve been reaping success, popular cays such as lime cay lay bare Monday as Jamaicans attempt to comply with the orders, spurred by the rising number of covid infections and related fines for breaches.