Three Dead, Several Injured in Mandeville Crash

Three people are dead and 12 others injured, following a two-vehicle crash on the Winston Jones Highway in Mandeville, Tuesday evening. Weeks prior, another accident happened on the same corridor, prompting officials to caution motorists to drive with care.

CVM LIVE understands that shortly before 9:00 pm, two public passenger vehicles were traveling along the highway when they collided. The three deceased have been identified as Wayne Morris an employee of the Mandeville regional hospital, 25-year-old Damaley Clarke, And 33-year-old Fabian Uter.

12 other persons were also injured. Mayor Mitchell says when he arrived at the scene, he saw bodies laying on the ground and heard sounds of anguish. Mayor Mitchell commends the efforts of citizens who intervened and attempted to get the injured persons to receive the necessary medical attention. 

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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