In a harrowing turn of events, St Ann has become the unfortunate epicenter of a recent spate of fatal crashes, claiming the lives of at least three individuals within the past 72 hours. With a total of five casualties reported in the recent string of accidents, leaving numerous families in mourning and serving as a stark reminder of the perils that persist on our roads.

Despite continuous warnings and impassioned pleas from stakeholders to prioritize safety during the holiday season, the carnage on the roads persists. Authorities, including the Police, have been diligently decoding the factors contributing to this alarming trend, hoping to implement measures that can stem the rising tide of tragedy.

Preliminary findings shared by the Head of the Police’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (P-STEB) shed light on the circumstances surrounding these unfortunate incidents. Notably, three of the reported fatalities occurred along a specific stretch in St Ann, now identified as a crash hot spot. This perilous zone claimed the life of a dedicated Police Constable on Christmas Eve, underscoring the urgency of addressing safety concerns in this particular area.

Addressing the media, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) McKenzie shared critical insights and issued a stern reminder to all road users. ACP McKenzie highlighted a concerning pattern where drivers, despite slowing down at police checkpoints, tend to accelerate once they have passed the authorities. This reckless behavior has been identified as a contributing factor to the recent accidents, adding an extra layer of complexity to the ongoing efforts to ensure road safety.

In response to this disheartening surge in road tragedies, ACP McKenzie issued an additional charge to all drivers: to exercise heightened caution and responsibility while navigating the nation’s roadways. The reminder serves as a plea for cooperation from the public to curb the alarming frequency of accidents and prevent further loss of life.

The authorities remain committed to their mission of ensuring public safety, and as investigations continue, they urge all citizens to prioritize responsible and defensive driving during this holiday season. For more in-depth details on this report and ongoing efforts to address road safety concerns, please stay tuned for updates.


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