The People’s National Party Struggles to Rise

Pandemonium in the People’s National Party (PNP), after members of the party’s Officer Corp tendered their resignations yesterday, July 16 with immediate effect.

Among them are Vice Presidents, Damion Crawford, Mikael Phillips, Dr Wykeham Mcneil and Chairman Phillip Paulwell.

But before the end of the day, People’s National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO) President Krystal Tomlinson also submitted her resignation. 

Phillip Paulwell, Damion Crawford, Dr. Wykeham Mcneil and Mikael Phillips issued a joint statement explaining the reason for their departure. 

Their statement highlights concerns about the expectations and utterances of the party leader, Mark Golding regarding the Officer Corp. 

They cite a potential internal challenge well ahead of the parties much needed healing since the political whitewash they received at the polls last year. 

Disunity and talks of the leader outrightly proposing supporters of his presidential bid for key posts featured. 

However, once nominations opened for the positions those posts were automatically made vacant, nominations closed at noon yesterday July 16.

Highly placed sources in the party say the breakdown began when plans to split the Officer Corp evenly with candidates of both the Rise United and One PNP factions toppled.

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