The Mining Controversy: Bengal Performance Bond Extension

The Opposition People’s National Party is demanding answers from the Holness Administration following the alleged secret extension of a performance bond deadline. Bengal Development Limited / Jamaica world LLC allegedly missed the government’s January 19, 2021 deadline and was allegedly granted a 60-day extension.

The company at the heart of a recent mining controversy in Bengal, St Ann was slated to pay an environmental performance bond of 40 million dollars. 

The bond which is reportedly higher than most, was one of several conditions under which the entity was reportedly granted a mining permit in the area following public outcry.

The opposition is questioning the reason for the extension, and whether this is grounds for the permit to be withdrawn.

It was a deal inked in controversy… To mine or not to mine the Bengal Mountains in St Ann, the ultimate question.

Months after the government approved a permit to mine the 50 hectares of land and concerns are mounting. Shadow Minister for Environment, Senator Sophia Frazer Binns insists that the Prime Minister explains the rationale for the alleged secret extension of the performance bond deadline.

Our senior reporter Neika Lewis spoke with the Shadow Minister for Environment.