Following the discovery of a mosquito breeding site near a health clinic in Hope Bay Portland, the Portland Health Department has given notice to the Municipal Corporation to complete several tasks in clearing the area.

These included cleaning the tank and its outlet and to apply a temporary cover   to prevent the entry of water and debris within 3 days. The municipal corporation was also required to complete a reed bed and tertiary sewage system.

The Municipal Corporation has fulfilled all but one of these requirements. A temporary cover was not provided. The Councillor for the Hope Bay Division, Herman Henry says the Public Health Inspector was advised that this could not be done; the area must remain open. He says discussions are now underway to identify how to prevent water from settling in the tank.

Henry goes further to note that the mosquito breeding site no longer exists and residents can feel more comfortable knowing that the tank is no longer a health risk.

The tank is part of an unfinished sewage system that was implemented by the Portland Municipal Corporation who owns the property. The Portland Health Department says it will be carrying out regular checks including monitoring of the tank and any area that might pose a threat to public health.

– Khadijah Thomas