Temp Manager Confirms Bolt’s Account At SSL Was An LLC

Confirmation that Bolt had established an account at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) under an LLC in 2012 has left many questioning what really happened with the athlete’s money, and whether this was a one person job. 

On Monday former SSL CEO Zachary Harding told the media that during his tenure between 2019 to 2022, he was never aware of the athlete having an account or being affiliated with a company’s account there. 

One source close to the matter reliably informed Cvm Live, that accounts that exceed a certain threshold in terms of funds, including the largest clients would often be reported about at the chief executive’s level. However, if no mention was made of Bolt’s name or if the account didn’t reach the threshold of a high value client, it is possible for CEOs to be unaware 

Of note, back in 2012 when the account was allegedly set up at the entity, the CEO was Mark Croskery, who steered the company as President and CEO from 2007 until his resignation in March 2018. Croskery the son of Hugh Croskery, SSL’s Co-Founder, now operates his own firm and admits to having no contact with SSL’s management or directors since his departure. 

Though he did not deny knowledge of the athlete’s account in a statement Monday, he did deny knowledge of any fraudulent activities at the entity, adding that the unfolding fraud matter has nothing to do with him. 

Jamaican athletic icon Usain Bolt had his lawyers write to SSL demanding reimbursement of over 12 million USD allegedly fleeced from his account. However, some critics have questioned, if Bolt had this LLC established, who were its shareholders, who were the directors, where was the Welljen account and who were the signatories? 

Other questions yet to be answered, when and how much was transferred to which accounts, what investments were actually made, and if withdrawals were made, how were they made? By whom and which account were they paid to? Again the plot thickens, revealing more questions than answers. 

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Reporter: Neika Lewis