Ted Prince Guilty in Contempt of Court Re Urination Incident- Klansman Trial

Following last week Thursday’s rescheduled matter involving Klansman Member, Ted Prince, who urinated inside the courtroom during a recent hearing of the historic trial, the judge this morning found Prince guilty of contempt.

The trial Judge, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes describes contempt as an act that obstructs the dignity of the court.

“I need to use the bathroom”, “wait 5 minutes” and then it happened. Defendant Ted Prince urinated in courtroom 2, an act that led to him being found guilty in contempt of court, by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes.

Before announcing the verdict, the Chief Justice gave Prince, through his attorney, the opportunity to justify his actions. The Attorney said Prince indicated that he needed to use the bathroom to an officer in the courtroom, but was told to wait five more minutes. Furthermore, the attorney says cold rooms increase the need to use the bathroom even more and make his client uncomfortable. 

The basis of the attorney’s case is that Prince simply “had to go”, and couldn’t wait, highlighting that these are human mistakes. But Sykes is not convinced. The chief justice says Prince should have insisted that he cannot wait 5 minutes, and that he urgently needed to use the bathroom. The Chief Justice highlighted that Prince never stated that the officer was abusive, or that he felt intimidated, so nothing supports his reasoning. Sykes recounts other defendants have previously demanded the court’s attention be brought to a situation, and the court obliged. Prince will return to court on April 14 for sentencing. He will also be sentenced for other crimes, after being found guilty on charges related to murders, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, and membership of a criminal organization.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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