Taxi Operators Not Following Passenger Limit Rule

Taxi Operators breaking COVID-19 protocols: Earlier this month, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that taxi operators should carry one less passenger. The protocol had been in effect before and was now being reintroduced due to the spike in COVID-19 cases. Some operators, however, have not been adhering to the rule, stating that one fewer passenger means a reduction in their income, but their failure to follow this protocol means there is an increased risk of COVID-19 spread among passengers.

The COVID-19 protocols for taxi service means that taxis that are licensed to carry four passengers should be transporting three.

“The provision of public transportation like motor cars will be limited to one person less than the maximum number of persons allowed to be carried under the relevant licensed from September 8, 2020 to September 22, 2020,” said Prime Minister Holness.

However, this provision is hardly being followed. The Operators claim that their failure to adhere to this rule is of an economic nature. They say fewer persons are traveling which means a reduction in their income. They also noted that they had loans to repay and carrying one fewer passenger was not feasible.

However, despite these claims, the practice must not continue as taxi operators are not only risking the health of their passengers who daily commute but also the possibility of being prosecuted.

CVM LIVE’s Khadijah Thomas brings this story: