Taxi Operator Leads Police on Chase with Passengers

A taxi operator transporting several passengers led the police on a chase along Manning’s Hill Road in St. Andrew, on Monday, January 31. The police fired warning shots which resulted in the driver eventually coming to a stop.

He was subsequently taken into custody and charged with breaches of the Road Traffic Act. CVM LIVE understands that the driver was given bail and a court date is being finalized. The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has launched a probe into the matter. Reports are that the driver of a seven-seater vehicle was traveling along Manning’s Hill Road when police signaled him to stop. The driver reportedly ignored the directives and sped off with the police giving chase.

In an attempt to evade the lawmen, the driver hit a motorcyclist and almost collided with several oncoming vehicles. In the videos obtained, the passengers could be heard pleading with the driver to stop and let them out. It was evident that the car was carrying more than the required limit of passengers and a child was also on board. 

In one instance a passenger was heard praying. The driver insisted that he was not going to stop, as he was not going to allow the police to take the owner’s car, nor was he going to jail.

The driver eventually stopped after several explosions sounding like gunshots were heard.

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