Tackling Dengue In western Jamaica

As concerns heighten about the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ ability to control the spread of Dengue in the island, the Western Regional Health Authority is taking steps to address the issue. This follows the recent death of a dengue patient whose body was found near a bridge in St James. Fifty year old Reymond Deans was admitted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Saturday, November 23 after reportedly showing dengue related symptoms. A day later, his lifeless body was discovered.

Now, the increasing reports of Dengue and Dengue related deaths have set many Jamaicans on edge. They are seeking immediate medical attention once they suspect they may have a possible symptom of the mosquito borne disease. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Health and Wellness had placed the country on high alert stating that the Dengue Virus has surpassed the epidemic threshold in December of 2018.

The Regional Director at the Western Regional Health Authority, Errol Greene says despite the challenges, health facilities are working in the interest of the public. He adds that the aim is to ensure that health facilities have adequate resources to handle dengue and those with symptoms of the disease.