Suspected Drowning of A Child In St Ann 

The relatives of a 12-year-old boy who is suspected to have drowned in a tank at his home in St Ann are appealing for consideration when posting tragic incidents. This after videos emerged on social media of the gruesome event that sent a family into mourning. Twelve-year-old Nicolai Reid was quite helpful, and until the time of his death, Sunday was described as almost any normal child, according to the maternal aunt.

Relatives later saw young Nicolai’s body being fished from the murky depths of a tank in his yard on social media. Initial reports are that the mother and child were home at the weekend when the child opted to help fetch water from the tank, no easy feat for a child given the height of the tank. However, his maternal aunt explains when she contacted the police after seeing the viral video, she was told. Watch the report:

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