Supreme Court and Dreadlocks Ruling

As Jamaica celebrates one hundred and eighty-six years of Emancipation, a reported ruling by the Supreme Court has thousands of Jamaicans disgruntled as they debate the extent to which cultural identities continue to suppress.

Lawyers in the matter disclosed, on Friday, that the Supreme Court had ruled that the constitutional rights of a seven-year-old dreadlocked girl were not breached in 2018 when her parents were told that her locks would have to be cut in order for her to be enrolled at the Kensington Primary school in St. Catherine.

The girl’s father, Dale Virgo, says he is very disappointed in the ruling.

Virgo says he has been explaining the situation to his seven-year-old daughter, who he says takes great pride in her dreadlocks.

Isat Buchanan is the Attorney representing the Virgo family, he says the family will be appealing the Court’s ruling.

Many Jamaicans also took to social media to express their disappointment in the reported decision of the Constitutional Court.