Summer School 2022 Begins

Schools commenced their summer learning in a bid to curb the learning loss. Our reporter Javine Mclean visited a few schools in St. Catherine where students received a boost in their education.

The Friendship Primary School is among some of the institutions conducting its own summer school program, independent of the government’s Learning Intervention Initiative. Principal Collington Powell says in comparison to 2021 students have been improving in it regard to academic performance since the institution has implemented its intervention strategy.

Mr Powell adds the summer school program is varied and plays an integral role in the school’s academic thrust; ahead of the results of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams, the principal adds he is optimistic.

Meanwhile, at the Spanish Town Primary School, Vice Principal Janet Penado says their summer school program will operate only for two weeks. She says the school has implemented a reading program and a special education unit to cushion the learning loss. This she note has boosted academic performance. However, she adds the school learning intervention plan last year saw a low turnout of students and teachers. Watch the full report here:

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