Summation of Klansman Trial Begins  

The Crown, in the ongoing trial of the remaining 27 accused members of the St. Catherine-based Klansman gang, is yet to satisfy Chief Justice Bryan Sykes’ concerns. 

Chief Justice Sykes, ahead of Monday’s summation, inquired about the proof of death for defendant Andre Smith, otherwise called ‘Bolo’, who was shot at the intersection of Hagley Park Road and Keesing Avenue in the Corporate Area while out on bail in July 2022. 

Smith was answering to charges related to a 2017 double murder and being a part of a criminal organization. The investigating officer in Smith’s death testified that having been alerted about the shooting; he pursued several avenues to ensure that the body was that of Smith.

Despite mentions of other explanatory evidence suggesting that smith is indeed dead, Chief Justice Sykes notes the need for testimonies from other officials who would have seen Smith’s body.

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