Sufficient Baby Formula in Stock: Jamaican Distributors

A family health crisis of sorts, with direct implications for Jamaica. There is currently a baby formula shortage in the United States; it is said issues with the supply chain started with the COVID-19 pandemic and several manufacturers were forced to recall some of their formulas because of tainted goods.

The US nationwide baby formula shortage began last year because of the pandemic; however, it became more acute in February, when one of the country’s leading baby formula manufacturers ceased production. The  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) temporarily closed Abbott Nutrition’s Factory, to investigate a bacterial infection connected with their formulas. Now, as the shortage adds woes to American parents, Jamaicans are anticipating the possibility of sharing that fate. 

CVM LIVE reached out to the Seprod Group, whose CEO Richard Pandohie, says they distribute four brands of baby formula, Progress, Promeo, SMA, and Nursoy, he says they have had to address mounting concerns. He went further to say that a major part of the problem in the USA is due to a product recall, which should end in June according to the FDA, hence a supply risk in Jamaica may not materialize. Meanwhile, President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) John Mahfood says while they are not aware of any worldwide shortage of baby formula, the shortage happening in the US will naturally create panic. He has reached out to a few retailers, who say they have sufficient formula in stock.

Mahfood like Pandohie is assuring concerned Jamaicans, that they should have an adequate baby formula in stock, to avert any possible crisis. Watch the report for more details:

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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