Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, presented the Jamaican students who were studying in Ukraine when Russia invaded their territory, with cheques valued at 75 thousand Jamaican dollars each. The students, some of whom have been struggling to enroll to continue their studies, expressed gratitude for the continued support from the opposition.

The people’s national party has completed its mission to donate US 11 thousand dollars to the 22 Jamaican students who were forced to abruptly abandon their studies in Ukraine, in the wake of Russia’s invasion in February. Golding says the 75 thousand dollars that each student received, is to contribute to them moving past this unfortunate situation. 

General Secretary of the PNP, Dr. Dayton Campbell says, the money was initially donated to the students while they were in Ukraine, however, concerns arose regarding it being used to reimburse the government for taking the students home.  Moving forward, Golding is calling on corporate Jamaica, and anyone who can provide the students financial support to assist.

The students say they are grateful for the continued support from the PNP. 

Reporter: Nasika Alliman