Students & Volunteers Organize Clean-Up In Port Antonio

Students and Volunteers organize clean-up efforts in Port Antonio -The conversation around the importance of a clean environment continues, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Friday, two organizations in the parish embarked on a clean-up effort throughout the community. This will be a bi-annual initiative designed to increase community pride and civic responsibility by reducing the garbage and the debris in the parish.

Graduates of the Portland Arts and Vocational Education (PAVE) centre, volunteers, and members of the Port Antonio Community clearing away waste materials, which threaten marine life. 

The clean-up was conducted by pave which also brought on board other partners including the alligator head foundation also in the parish.

The Executive Director of PAVE, Audra Handal says work began at the Titchfield High School and continued all the way to Frenchman’s Cove.