Horrifying evidence of the brutality that unfolded on Wednesday, August 4, in the Stony Hill Community was clearly in sight. The area which was once drenched in blood, clothes strewn across, is now vacant premises. Peace in the area was disturbed by several gunshots. In the aftermath, the grim sight was revealed.

The three deceased males were identified as 17-year-old Adejah Lawes “Addi”, 20-year-old Brandon Scarlett otherwise called “Gussy”, and 23-year-old Kelson Blake otherwise called “TK”.

The police theory is the murders were a reprisal for the killing of a man in a bar in Stony Hill Square on Monday, August 2. The Commanding Officer Aaron Fletcher says despite constant police surveillance, which residents confirmed off camera, they are anticipating some counter reprisals.

Police say there has been an ongoing war between the families within the Brooks Level vicinity lasting for years.

Monday’s victim has been identified as 57-year-old Dave Nooks otherwise called “Baiter” also a resident of the Brooks Level community.

There were very few, if any signs of activity in the Stony Hill Community when visited, as the recent violent uprising, sent residents cowering in fear.

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