The 40th edition of Sting, the highly anticipated annual music festival, took an unexpected turn on Boxing Day as animosity escalated into a physical brawl during a clash segment, resulting in four arrests and a premature end to the event. The clash, featuring Fully Bad and Kyodi, witnessed an onstage squabble that unfolded into chaos when Honomosity unexpectedly took the spotlight. Confusion gripped the audience as tensions flared between Fully Bad (Nicholas Bartley) and Honomosity (Layton Simms), culminating in a swift exchange of blows. The altercation reached its peak when a member of Fully Bad’s entourage forcefully shoved Honomosity off the stage, causing both artists to fall. The escalating brawl entangled more members of the entertainers’ entourage, prompting law enforcement intervention and resulting in the arrest of four individuals.

Layton Simms, known by his stage name Honomosity, recounted the unfortunate incident, while Fully Bad, reflecting on the altercation, emphasized their musical brotherhood. Both artists later issued a public apology to patrons and supporters under the watchful eyes of the police. Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips, the Commanding Officer for the St. Catherine South Division, seized the opportunity to appeal to young artists, urging them to seek mentorship to maximize their potential in the industry.

Charges of disorderly conduct were filed against both entertainers, Fully Bad and Honomosity, along with two others, 32-year-old Rushane Williams and 29-year-old Dalton Bartley. The quartet is scheduled to appear in the St. Catherine Parish Court on January 24 of the upcoming year. The unexpected turn of events at Sting 2023 has left patrons and the entertainment community with mixed feelings, emphasizing the need for artists to maintain professionalism and seek mentorship to navigate the challenges of the industry. As the legal proceedings unfold, the repercussions of this clash are likely to resonate within the music community for some time. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

Reporter: Renaldo Adams.

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