Prime Minister Withholds Local Government Election Date Amidst Widespread Anticipation

Contrary to widespread speculation, Prime Minister Andrew Holness refrained from announcing the date for the upcoming local government elections during today’s first sitting of the Lower House in 2024. Jamaicans, anticipating the pivotal announcement, were left waiting as the session concluded without any disclosure. Speculation had intensified in recent weeks, fueled by heightened campaign activities and visits from both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to key party strongholds. Despite expectations, today’s parliamentary session saw no announcement, with the notable absence of JLP leader Andrew Holness.

In the previous 2016 elections, the JLP secured 146 of the 228 divisional seats, while the PNP claimed 90 seats. Both parties assert finalizing their candidate slates, and the Electoral Commission of Jamaica reportedly stands ready for the impending contest. However, the nation remains shrouded in uncertainty as the election date remains undisclosed at this hour.

Jamaica now eagerly awaits the Prime Minister’s announcement and the democratic spectacle expected to follow.

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