According to the Security Minister, Dr.  Horace Chang, one of the six Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) schools is expected to be built in Norwood, St James.

The schools are expected to target marginalized communities and enhance the education sector.

Dr. Chang says the Jamaican education system does not adequately target and enhance the conditions of marginalized young males but instead limits them to the bottom of the socio-economic ladder.

He says governments have not fully transformed the system in order to address the suppression of males.

He also mentions there are plans to build a number of educational institutions that will target at-risk youth in St. James.

Chang says the initiative will benefit the overall development of the parish but will have a greater impact on the Norwood community.

Chang maintains that a number of the programmes being offered at institutions are not customary to males.

The security minister says there are further plans to address the crime problem in St. James and to create more dynamic communities. The St James Municipal Corporation renamed Quebec Avenue, to Dr. Horace Chang Blvd. in honour of the Security Minister.