STEM Executives Visiting STEM Centres Overseas

Three members of the newly launched Jamaica STEM for Growth Taskforce are now overseas visiting STEM Learning Centres in the UK and India. Members of the mission describe it as a study tour geared towards the development of Jamaica’s very own National STEM Center.

In anticipation of the planned establishment of the National Stem Centre in Jamaica, executives are researching how other stem centres work. The stem based curriculum aims to educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Members of the mission are Dr Asburn Pinnock, President of the Mico University College; Dr Albert Benjamin, Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Mico University, and Dr Andre Coy, Associate Dean of External Engagement at the University of the West Indies.

They will visit the National STEM Centre at York University and the Homi Bhabba Centre for Science and Education in Mumbai, India.  The trip is being funded by the Cari-Med Foundation with logistical support from the British and Indian High Commissions.

Member of the mission and President of Mico University College Dr. Asburn Pinnock says this can drive national development through education where teachers are trained in stem areas. He believes that the stem centre can be an enhancement in developing science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the country. The Jamaica Stem for Growth Taskforce consists of business leaders, academics and policy makers who are committed to promoting stem education in Jamaica.