Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck has raised fresh concerns about aspects of the statutory declaration form submitted to the Integrity Commission by Members Parliament. He cites sections of the form that he says are akin to an invasion of privacy. This as the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee on Thursday, November 24 met to review its annual report for financial years 2019 to 2021.

The Statutory Declaration form is a legal document defined under the law that must include information on all assets, liabilities, and income of the declarant’s spouse and children whether held locally or abroad.

Speaking at the Integrity Commission Oversight Committee on Wednesday, November 23 Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck raised concerns about the likely invasion of privacy accompanying the declaration requirements.

Minister Chuck says even though the documentation is necessary for anti-corruption purposes, asking for an estimated market value for a property is of little use. Citing aspects of the form, he says a newly added section, number 5 that asks for the price of any improvement carried out on a property during the reporting period, should be revisited.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Integrity Commission, Greg Christie says if an individual cannot account for their assets and income this will put the country in a predicament. He says the statutory declaration form is a mandate that was given to the Integrity Commission as a measure to identify illicit enrichment.

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