States of Emergency Extension Approved in Lower House

The House of Representatives or the Lower House late Tuesday, November 24 approved a 3 month- extension of the States of Public Emergency (SOEs) declared on November 14 and ending on November 28.

But not before hours of raging debate between the Government and the Opposition, which remains firm in its stance that the SOEs are unconstitutional and an ineffective crime-fighting tool.

A lack of support from the Opposition to have the States of Public Emergency (SOEs) extended until February 12, 2022, saw an impassioned Prime Minister Andrew Holness blasting the members for their pushback in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Opposition leader Mark Golding, the last on his side to go against the motion, made it very clear that the SOEs were unconstitutional and ineffective during its three years in operation and will continue to be. Additionally, Golding told House members that based on legal opinion he received from a leading Queen’s Counsel, the new forms of regulation, continue to violate the constitution.

But PM Holness remained adamant that the SOEs have been very effective. After an intense hours-long debate, 46 members of parliament supported the 3 month- extension while 2, including Golding, voted against it.

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