Stakeholders Share Tips To Avoid Praedial Larceny

As praedial larceny continues to plague the livelihood of farmers, one opposition member and stakeholders alike have met to discuss possible ways to reduce the crime. In an effort to address and reduce cases of praedial larceny, Chairman of South Central St. Catherine Kurt Matthews is urging the government to permit some farmers to own licensed firearms.

Matthews notes several farmers were robbed and killed last year, as was the case in previous years. He says if granted the license to own a firearm, they’d be better able to protect their lives and livelihood. 

Speaking at the farmers’ meeting on Sunday, opposition senator peter bunting gave several other tips on how farmers can protect themselves and their animals, one being to create a farmer’s cluster. 

One farmer says he’s all for the cluster. Senator bunting also suggested that farmers find a way to brand their animals so they’re easily identified. Other suggestions from stakeholders include installation of lights around the areas where animals are kept, and familiarizing themselves with butchers in the area, so they can be on the lookout for stolen animals.