St. Vincent And The Grenadines: A Week Of Volcanic Activities

Friday, April 16 marks one week since the La Soufriere volcano became active in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It once again erupted early Friday afternoon. However, the activities were minimal compared to what Vincentians have experienced over the past few days.

Programme Manager of the state-owned National Broadcasting Corporation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Colvin Harry says reports so far suggest there are over 4,000 people in 88 shelters and around 3,000 who sought refuge in the homes of friends and families.

Harry says though the volcanic activities have slowed, citizens are  are still on the alert.

Harry says the ash fall has definitely compromised the water supply. However, neighbouring countries have chipped in to donate water and food supply to help relieve the country.

He recalls Sunday the electricity went out due to damaged wires. He says though the water supply may not be accessible for a while, electricity has been restored in all zones. However, he doubts the red zone has an electrical supply.