St. James Police Reap Crime Fighting Success

St. James is on its way to achieving a seventeen-year low in crime.                                   

Superintendent Vernon Ellis, who is the Commanding Officer for the St. James Division, says the crime-fighting success is a result of the commitment of the police to rid the parish of criminal elements that have been terrorizing the parish.

As the parish experiences a noted decrease in criminal activities, Supt. Ellis says the renewed relationship between law enforcers and the citizens of St. James has also been rewarding.

Their efforts, however haven’t gone without challenges.

Just two weeks ago Ellis says there were some gang activities in the parish which  is a reminder that criminals remain insistent on wreaking havoc in the St. James.

He says the police will not be deterred in any way as they disrupt and dismantle these gangs. 

Like other parishes, Ellis says St. James is also seeing an increase in deployment of police, especially in town areas for the festive season.

Earlier this month the Mayor of Montego Bay, Leeroy Williams announced that grand market festivities have been canceled in the parish, as COVID-19 cases skyrocket in western Jamaica.

CVM Live‘s Christeen Forbes reports: