In recent updates, the St. James Police have named individuals of interest, particularly focusing on those connected to major crimes, including murders. Notably, Nigel Bailey, alias “Mad Ras,” was apprehended and is now in custody, as confirmed by Superintendent Eron Samuels, the Operations Officer for the St. James Division.

Additionally, the following individuals have been flagged as persons of interest linked to various crimes within the division, such as murders and shootings:

1. Nicardo Palmer, also known as ‘Serious’

2. Jordaine Wright, otherwise called ‘JT’

3. Kemar McKenzie or ‘Tupac’

4. Deano Whyte, also known as ‘Hawk’

5. Raymond Campbell, alias ‘Burrs’

6. Jahvere Foster, also known as ‘Fred’

Moreover, six other persons of interest are currently known only by their aliases: ‘Titus,’ ‘Alisha,’ ‘Kino,’ ‘J-Man,’ ‘Sparrow,’ and an individual referred to as ‘Big Kirk’ or ‘Kirk.’

Law enforcement urges these individuals to surrender themselves immediately to the Montego Bay Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB). The police continue their efforts to address and resolve ongoing criminal activities in the region.


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