Questions are being raised about the Qahal Yahweh Assembly in Norwood St James regarding whether it is an actual cult. These concerns follow the removal of three children from the organization by members of the police and the Child Development Agency.
Less than a week ago, a similar operation was conducted, removing three other girls. The reason for both operations appears to be connected.

However, the leader of the Church, Omar Thompson says the law enforcement officers are oppressing himself and the assembly’s members. Referring to themselves as a nation, he admits that children are schooled on the compound.

CVM LIVE, however, understands that the children are not allowed to leave the area. They are taught by the Qahal Yahweh teachers. They are also reportedly made to repeat statements reaffirming their commitment to their religious group.

Member of the Yahweh Issi Church in Norwood, St James
Member of the Yahweh Issi shared that they are a nation that they worship, live and school their own children.

Tuesday’s raid by the police was the second one carried out this month. In the first, three girls were taken by officers by the Child Development Agency. It is reported that the teenagers are the daughters of one of the leaders, Omar Thompson. He says the court ruled that they remain in custody of the mother. He, however, shares that he and the mother are not in a relationship.

The Qahal Yahweh is currently under active investigation by the police. There are reports of Child Marriage, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault and Abduction. While the police have not revealed any other information regarding their investigation, it is clear that there is an open case against the religious group.