The fourteen day State of Public Emergency declared in St. Catherine recently, will not be extended after its end date on Friday. The decision is as a result of the security forces’ confidence that they have tamed the crime situation in the parish. Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang has announced the State of Public Emergency which was declared in St. Catherine last week, will not be extended beyond the fourteen day period. 

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Dr. Chang says the SOE has reaped positive results. Dr. Chang says heads of the security forces have pledged to continue their work throughout the parish, even without the SOE. He also notes crime numbers have been reduced since the intervention came into effect. The discontinuation also follows Opposition Leader Mark Golding’s letter to the Attorney-General, outlining a plethora of concerns with the SOE. In fact, Golding was clear that the government would not have the opposition’s support on extending the declaration.

He was therefore pleased with Tuesday’s announcement. The SOE is slated to end on Friday despite residents and business owners in the parish urging the government to extend the intervention.

Reporter: Velonique Bowen