St. Ann’s Bay Hospital Among Many Facilities to Be Upgraded

The St. Ann’s Bay regional hospital is among the many facilities slated to receive an upgrade under an initiative by the Health Ministry. Health minister Dr. Christopher Tufton recently met with the senior medical officer along with staff members to discuss current issues facing the facility.

Senior Medical Officer of the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital Dr. Nicole Hamilton sought to highlight suggested areas of focus, as the Health Ministry seeks to provide an upgrade to the facility. She noted that patients who arrive with severe trauma have to be transferred to another facility which causes a delay in attending to other patients.

Dr. Hamilton says there has also an increase in non-communicable diseases. The SMO also sought to reassure that the facility is working diligently to clear the back log of persons slated for surgeries.

Meantime, Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton says the hard work of all health care workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic have not gone unnoticed. Watch the report: